Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you, no really, thank YOU!

I have been given an "Honest Scrap" award from
Katrina over at Sevin Family. Sweet!

Here are the rules~ First, tell your readers 10 things they may not know about you, but that have to be true! Second, tag ten people with the award and third, let them know about the award.Finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.

Here we go....

~I have a strange obsession with avocado...guacamole, in a salad, on a sandwich...SO DELICIOUS!

~Every time I visit my sister in Ohio, we have to eat at Bob Evans at least twice! I LOVE eating breakfast food for dinner (or anytime), and Bob's serves breakfast all day!

~ I have been sucked into far TOO many tv shows this year. I have never been one to follow a show from week to week, but this year, when I found out about, I found myself catching up on weekly shows. Always a good thing to be doing instead of school work.

~I have a dry sense of humor. I hardly go a minute without saying something sarcastic. :)

~I am about 70% introverted. I would much rather spend the day with one or two friends than surrounded by a group of friends.

~I played basketball in school for 3 years and loved it. I was the starting center and pretty proud of my defense skills...not so much anymore. ahem...

~I carry my purple BPA free Camelbak water bottle with me everywhere, filling it several times a day.

~I am not a fan of staying alone at night, but since we have a German Shep. I feel a little better.

~I love

LOVE the beach! I grew up spending summers on the beach. I love to swim, soak up the sun, and walk out of the cottage into sand.
~I was originally a Spanish major in college, switched my major (and school!) half way through JUNIOR year, and now am a Human Service/ Management major with a Spanish minor. I am 3 classes away from graduation, and I plan on going straight for my Master's. It has taken me far too long to receive my undergrad degree going full time.

I am supposed to tag people, but I think I am going to come back to that.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not me! Roadtrip style

I am not sitting in a hotel room right now because I did not decide to drive from Mass to Ohio with my sister and BIL. I did not decide last minute at dinner. My BIL did not hop on the computer and find me a plane ticket home for next week. We were not on the road 20 minutes after I began pondering the idea of going.

I did not take the 1am-4am shift.

We did not make it to Harrisburg. We did not have to stop and get a hotel at 4am because no one could drive any further. My sister and I did not share a double bed, and I do not remember apologizing several times for hitting her in the middle of the night early morning hours.

We did not decide to give my BIL his own bed so the dogs could sleep with him. :)

Time to hit the road Jack- no time for more. Happy Not me! Monday and check out MckMama's blog!