Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Question Friday

Hey all, Check out Mama M's site for more answers to these question!

My Little Life

1. What celebrity have you been told you look like?
Some people have said I look like Mariska Hargitay...not sure I see it. Must be the hair cut. I do LOVE her show!!

2. What is your all time favorite movie, any special reason why?
I do love Sound of Music for the story and the music, but so hard to say it is my all time fav....I do love Father of the Bride II, and The Chronicles of Narnia (new one) equally, too!

3. Since we're talkin' movies...Popcorn: overrated, underrated, or 'bout right?
Most of the time I would say overrated. I do enjoy kettle corn, but aside form that not a huge popcorn fan.

4. Are you a glass half empty or half full kinda person?
Usually half full...I'm a pretty upbeat and positive person.

5. What perfume/cologne do you wear?

I LOVE DKNY's Be Delicious. I have been wearing it for about 4 years. People always tell me I smell good! :)

For some reason this scent just blends well with my "natural scent". Do you know what I mean? Some perfumes just smell better on some people. For example, I cannot wear Chanel no. 5! It smells terrible on me but great on others. I have been thinking about switching it up a little and trying Michael Kors Island Capri

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today I....

**Edit totally boring entry!!

Woke up in a hotel and ate a bagel for breakfast

Drove from 9am-6pm stopping once for the bathroom

Almost got into an accident killed 3 times by HORRIBLE truck drivers who think they OWN the road!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

Ran on the treadmill Blah!!

Watching last night's Biggest Loser and cried when they each called home

Did school work

Got my new sheets in the mail! yay! Moving up in the world to 300 thread count! :)

Think it is time to go to bed! The drive is finally catching up to me!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Check out MckMama's blog for more not me entries! :)

Upon waking up this morning, well actually my brother woke me up, he demanded the need for socks. Since my parents are away, I am staying with my brother until tomorrow. My response to him was NOT "Just wear the ones you had on yesterday and I will get you clean ones when I get up" I was not too lazy to get out of bed and find him clean ones....

In a desperate attempt to get this beauty to eat
I did not wet her dry food and use my hand to smooth in a lot of cream cheese....

My cousin got married last weekend, and I was not totally in love with my dress!

Too bad you can't really see the bottom of my dress. It turns into the same purple as my aunt's dress (she's in the middle). Anyway, said dress that I did not LOVE, was originally about $100 at MACY*S. I did not purchase it for $19 at the end of summer!

Finally, I am not totally and utterly in complete denial about the winter coming and the fact that it's supposed to be a bad one...I am NOT planning on trying and disappear from New England......

Friday, September 18, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

I just started reading "My Little Life" and Mama M has some great stories. Head over to her blog to read other responses to these questions!

1. What's your favorite line from a movie?

Ok, so I have been thinking about this ALL day, and I just can't come up with anything other than " Hello Puppet" from Pirates, and that's only because my brother is watching it right now. I am much more a TV quoter, mostly F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Monica: The camera adds 10 pounds!

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds?

I went to such a small high school. There were only 23 or 24 in my graduating class. I think we all pretty much felt close to each other. At my previous school (3rd-9th grade) I honestly floated from EVERY group!

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?
Clothes, shoes, new ipod, and probably cable and DVR for my room. (Didn't have to think too hard on that one. )

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

I have no idea why, but I loved the roadrunner!

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler?

90% of the time I am on my stomach without a pillow.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Dinner Recipes

Check out Kelly's Korner for more Recipes! And if you don't already read her bolg, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! So git on ova there and READ! :)

Avocado Pizza Recipe
You wil need:
-Pizza dough (I use Whole Wheat from the grocery Store)
-2-3 Avocados mashed up
- Arugula
-Red onion
-Bacon (cooked)
-Cherry or grape tomatoes
-Balsamic Vinegar

Grill pizza dough in olive oil on skillet, when done grilling

Top it with the mashed avocado

Toss arugula, red onion, and cherry tomatoes with olive oil and
Balsamic vinegar

Top pizza with mix

Finish with bacon crumpled up


This is my twist on it. It's actually a RR recipe, but the web site is not working right now.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

While watching the kiddos all day yesterday, our game of backyard softball did NOT start like this:

Me: Repeat after me. I will play nicely (I will play nicely)

I will not push my sister or brother (I will not push my sister or brother)

I will not throw my bat if I hit the ball (I will not throw my bat if I hit the ball)

I will let Liz be the referee (I will let Liz be the referee)

I will not slide into my sister or brother (I will not slide into my sister or brother)

I will have good sportsmanship. (I will have good sportsmanship)

etc. etc. etc.

One of the kids did not follow up with "Man! That's a lot of rules! How am I supposed to remember all of them?"

After work last night, I did not stay up until 3am to start and finish a paper due today.


I did not almost wipe out my saving on my car this past month with registration ($300) plus all the work that needed to be done on it to pass inspection. UGH!


I did not dust my bedroom for the first time in months this past week


Finally, I did NOT walk away from my shopping cart in the grocery store to grab something. In the event that I did do that, I did NOT take someone else's cart without even realizing. After making it all the way down the aisle, I did not hear someone say "excuse me, but you have MY cart" We both had banana's in the child's seat....however, my cart also did not have my purse sitting in the seat as well. Which means I did not walk away from my purse not even knowing. Especially because it was open and had cash that was not in my wallet sitting on top.

That's it! :) Head over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else has not done!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Favorites Post

Three Words: Dark Chocolate Almonds

Clean Cotton Scent: I am pretty sure I am allergic to this scent (sneeze every time) but I just LOVE it!

Also in love with the Sunwashed Linen- Bet you can't guess which is my favorite aisle to walk down in the grocery story (well, second to the coffee aisle)
This scent is also my secret weapon against a certain dog's need to expel gas all the time. Their air refreshers are great!

One of the families I work for went away on vacation and they brought me back a necklace made out of coconut from the BVI! I am sure if I went there it would be another favorite to all to my ongoing list! I went on a cruise once and just loved it. No need to even leave the boat! I am thinking my upcoming graduation may require a celebration cruise. After all, I am pretty sure I have set the record for taking the longest time to finish my undergrad degree going full-time (never part-time) and through 2 summers! Maybe I should contact Guinness.

Anyway, ahem, here is the necklace... and some weird chick me

Ok, back to the favorites...

Dove 's Go Fresh refreshing: A serious lifesaver. Err, sweat saver.Vineyard Vines Bag I bought in Nantucket 2 years ago....oh shoot, no cord to my camera. Ok, here is the one from the web site

Mine is the same but around the top is pink with turtles. :)

That's all for now. :) Happy Labor Day weekend!