Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Favorites Post

Three Words: Dark Chocolate Almonds

Clean Cotton Scent: I am pretty sure I am allergic to this scent (sneeze every time) but I just LOVE it!

Also in love with the Sunwashed Linen- Bet you can't guess which is my favorite aisle to walk down in the grocery story (well, second to the coffee aisle)
This scent is also my secret weapon against a certain dog's need to expel gas all the time. Their air refreshers are great!

One of the families I work for went away on vacation and they brought me back a necklace made out of coconut from the BVI! I am sure if I went there it would be another favorite to all to my ongoing list! I went on a cruise once and just loved it. No need to even leave the boat! I am thinking my upcoming graduation may require a celebration cruise. After all, I am pretty sure I have set the record for taking the longest time to finish my undergrad degree going full-time (never part-time) and through 2 summers! Maybe I should contact Guinness.

Anyway, ahem, here is the necklace... and some weird chick me

Ok, back to the favorites...

Dove 's Go Fresh refreshing: A serious lifesaver. Err, sweat saver.Vineyard Vines Bag I bought in Nantucket 2 years ago....oh shoot, no cord to my camera. Ok, here is the one from the web site

Mine is the same but around the top is pink with turtles. :)

That's all for now. :) Happy Labor Day weekend!

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