Thursday, September 17, 2009

Show Us Your Life- Dinner Recipes

Check out Kelly's Korner for more Recipes! And if you don't already read her bolg, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! So git on ova there and READ! :)

Avocado Pizza Recipe
You wil need:
-Pizza dough (I use Whole Wheat from the grocery Store)
-2-3 Avocados mashed up
- Arugula
-Red onion
-Bacon (cooked)
-Cherry or grape tomatoes
-Balsamic Vinegar

Grill pizza dough in olive oil on skillet, when done grilling

Top it with the mashed avocado

Toss arugula, red onion, and cherry tomatoes with olive oil and
Balsamic vinegar

Top pizza with mix

Finish with bacon crumpled up


This is my twist on it. It's actually a RR recipe, but the web site is not working right now.


Kathryn said...

My husband will love this! Thanks for sharing!!

Jes said...

That looks delicious.

Heather said...

oh wow, this looks awesome!!

Mama M. said...

Oh my...that looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Labor stories are the best, simply the best!!

Brian and Sarah said...

I am pretty sure I love anything with avocado, but that looks sooo good! I am definitely going to have to try it :) Thanks for sharing!

Little Mama said...

I saw your link on Kelly's Korner and this looks so good! I LOVE anything with avacado, so I'll definitely have to try this one!