Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Jogger

Dear 50ish year old Jogger,

Running at 7:00pm in the middle of February is not safe.

Wearing all black while running at 7:00pm in the middle of February is even more unsafe.

Running across the middle of the road while wearing all black while running at 7:00pm in the middle of February is craziness.

Running across the road when a car is coming while wearing all black while running at 7:00pm in the middle of February is a death wish.

BUT, Dear 50ish year old Jogger, SPITTING at the driver/car, who can't see you while you are committing suicide.


because if you had been killed, not only would the driver have your blood and guts all over his or her car, but your SPIT, too.

Love, The Driver

ps. keep your spit to yourself.

pss. Let's not have a repeat

psss....the response to your actions (in the driver's head) was not very Christ-like

pssss.Just be glad the driver didn't turn around and.......nevermind.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

comments, conversations, confessions & considerations

I have been pretty involved in a conversation in the comments of MckMama's post from yesterday. Definitely not about surface things. Lots of talk about Satan, our freewill, and claiming responsibility. It has been a particularly good conversation for me. It has allowed me to think about what I believe and share it with others. These types of conversations are good for us. I think we need to be able to explain to others what we believe. I had a professor in college who told me "You don't truly understand a concept until you can teach it to others." I know some people are not great at instructing others, but you catch her idea. I think we have to be able to make our faith tangible.

I certainly don't even come close to knowing all the answers, but these conversations help me grow and assess where I stand.

I confess I used to be a very black and white person. I have worked very hard of the last 5-6 years to change that. There are certainly things that I am still black and white about (absolute truth etc) but I am also less defensive and willing to discuss with others.

I hope today has found you in a place where you can discuss your differences with others-whether that be your spouse, friend, or someone on the internet whose face you don't know. We have much to gain from listening to others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Catching Up

I realize I have not written a real post in a while. Truthfully, I have sat here many times lately wanting to "bear my soul". I have time and time again started and deleted posts. Mostly, though, I have just not written what I want to because it will take too much energy. So I figure I'll just go with a quick recap.

-Been busy with school and work. Lots of trips to the hockey rink with the kids. Let me tell you, just when you think it's freezing out and can't be any colder, step into a hockey rink. Better yet, step into the "warm room" at the rink. Then you will realize what cold really is!

-We have so much snow, it's enough for 4 winters! If it never snows again this year I will be happy. Honestly, the snow banks make driving so dangerous!

-I have hardly taken any pictures lately. I started a photo blog, but I am having issues with Lightroom and watermarking. Too many crazies out there...I don't want to chance putting up pictures on a photo blog without watermarking them.

-When I graduated from college in '09 my parents gave me a trip to Disney with my mom and sister. The problem is we never really had time to go on the trip, and my mom wanted to save up more points on her Disney card. Anyway, we are going the end of March. We will spend 3 days in the parks and 3 days on a Disney Cruise. The ship is brand new this year. Seriously check the ship out! I am mostly looking forward to the warm weather and going to Animal Kingdom. It will also be great for my sister to get away. Life has been so hard for her lately.

-I will be done with my Master's Degree in just 5 months. I am so ready to be done with our educational system! I think it fails us in so many ways. Don't get me wrong, I know there are many things the system does well, but I also think there are so many holes that should be and can be fixed.

That's all for now. Hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to catch up on some of my blog reading, too.

I'm off to the hockey rink to freeze my butt off (if only).

Peace out!