Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

~Never Say Never~

I would never go 3 5 years without seeing a doctor.

I would never have a conversation until almost 4 in the morning with a good friend!

I would never throw a clothes pin at the dog to make him stop being annoying. He would never then start eating it.

I would never sit in front of my computer staring for hours trying to write one single solitary, cotton pickin' page for my paper due that day.

I would never start freaking out about November.

........Everything else I did not do this week.......

I did not spend many moments hours wondering if a team member was going to plagiarize her portion of the paper again.errrrrr She did not post 2 days late. She did not blame the team for not reminding her. This is not a 400 level course. I am not earning my own education.

I did not pack a suitcase one night, repack it in the morning and upon arriving at my destination wish I had left the initial items in the suitcase.

I did not contemplate all the money I could probably get from the city I live in for the fall I had in the city park.

Finally, and I am quite proud of this one...

I did not receive HUGE props from my new doctor this week for not being the typical 20-something year old. My new doctor did not then ask if I wanted to date her son! :)..ok, ok, I did receive huge props and I am proud of that decision!

Now leave leave a comment here and head over to MckMama's blog. After all, she started all this fun!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sand on the Shore

I am part of the LPM siesta scripture memorization team this year. If you don't know about it, you should head over there and read about it! Beth Moore put together a great way to memorize scripture and her video is phenomenal-it has really helped me to not just memorize-but to need it and wield it! Scripture is the greatest weapon we have against the enemy.

Back in the first half of March I chose James 1:5&6
"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God , Who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like the wave of the sea, blown and tossed in the wind"

For some reason I had a particularity tough time memorizing the second half of this section. Truth be told, I think it was Satan working against me. I managed to learn it, and now it is one of my favorite verses I have chosen so far this year.

I think we are all doubters to some degree, some of us more than others. I have walked the beach many times, but I have never thought about this verse as I walked until recently. Watching the tides change, shifting sand, I think about it as an analogy to my faith. How quickly the tides change- several times a day. Oftentimes I will ask the Lord for something and even before the next tide has come, I have started doubting.

From year to year the sand on the shore changes. Sometimes it's mostly rocks. Other times it's all sand. I think our lives are like this, too. Our walk with the Lord can be smooth (not to say it's not hard), we trust Him through every situation without doubting, and other times things are rocky- we find excuses not to spend time with Him, we don't trust Him with the decisions we need to make, and we doubt that He is near us.

The sand on the beach reminds me of how quick I am to doubt instead of believe, but every day- hear me on this- every day is a new beginning. Just as the sand and ocean are always there, so is our Lord. When we allow the wind to blow us in the wrong direction, the Lord remains steady- no tide change.

I remember sitting on the beach one night years ago with a dear friend. We prayed together, and I remember laughing and singing "Ocean" with her. But when you stop and thinking about it, there is just something about the ocean.

It is in the change if the tide and the sand on the shore that reminds of my need to "believe and not doubt".

Week in Pics

It was a school & dog sitting week..... (no clue why it is underlining)

Cran in the front seat :)
Scup at the park
Paw prints at sunset
This one just cracks me up!

Scup & his ball

The cliff overlooking the beach where the dogs run

This little guy always comes by the house with his little lady duck.

Backyard sun set! :)--to lazy to take the wire out via photo shop! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finish That Sentence

**Sorry for the terrible punctuation! :)

Maybe I should .....start my paper that's due on Monday

I love ..... sleeping, the beach, warm weather, DKNY Be Delicious perfume

People who matter would say that I'm .... compassionate, very independent

I don't understand why.... my room never stays clean

When I wake up in the morning .... depends on the time- if it’s before 9 then I probably won’t make eye contact or even acknowledge your existence. :)

I lost ..... my watch from Spain, my short term memory…

Life is full of ...... writing papers, hanging with kids and dogs! :)

My past is ..... not that long ago since I am only 23.

I get annoyed by ....... people who do not walk on the right! Massachusetts drivers, freezing weather takes the cake

Parties are fun, but not as fun as ......not going to them! Give me one or two people and a movie or cup of coffee and I am much happier.

I wish life was not ....... continuous when you need it to stop for a while.

Dogs... have always been a part of my life- dad is a vet, and I worked for him for 8 years.

Cats ...... are always sleeping on my bed with or without me.

Tomorrow is ......Thursday, going to be 92 degrees back home, and only 69 here...

I have a low tolerance for.... rum people who slack off in school and expect others to do their work for them- wrong answer!

If I had a million dollars ....... Pay of loans, invest, and give a lot away.

I'm totally terrified of...... all pain, making a terrible mistake that causes others pain

Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Not me! Time

Here we go....when you are done reading here, head to MckMama's blog and see the others who have linked up with her.

No, I am not starting this post on Friday.

I did not go to the park today with the little 2 1/2 year old, think to myself-I wonder if anything will happen that I can post in Not me! Monday! We then did not get completely stuck in the mud. We were not covered by the time we got out. We did not proceed to the nice clean fountain in the middle of the park to wash off all our mud.

After we cleaned up, I did NOT cut up my leg and get about 52 bruises from falling off the broken railing in the gazebo where we were playing house. What's that you say? "see post below". I don't see anything. And if I were telling you all this, I would not add that I have the largest, worst looking bruise I have EVER seen on my butt! (be thankful this is a picture less post!)

I did not go to church Sunday morning with some friends, place my purse on the ground and then moments later witness my friend's husband unload his wallet and pocket contents into my purse. At the end of the service he did not grab my purse with the rest of his family's stuff and I did not say, "Um, actually that is my purse". He was totally not embarrassed! :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Gazebo Won

Today I took Kate to the park (2 1/2 years old.) We were having a lovely time until we both got stuck in a HUGE pit of mud. We were covered. It was all over the diaper bag, our legs, our sandals came off and were stuck, and we both had mud all the way up our clothes. After we cleaned off, we headed to the gazebo. You know, the place that reminds you of beautiful weddings. We started playing house, and I ordered Chicken and I was given sushi instead. While I was waiting for my strawberries, I decided to lean against of the railing in the gazebo. Kids are always jumping on them, so I never gave it a second thought. The minute I leaned against it, I knew I should have taken that second thought. (cue the slow motion feeling) crash* Boom* BANG* There I went tumbling down with the railing. A woman came running up to me to make sure I was ok. I'd say I was fine aside from the chunk of flesh I had missing, the bruises I felt swelling, and the blood dripping down my leg. I looked up at Kate. Her poor face was in shock! "Miss Liz, you okay?"

Come to find out the railing had broken yesterday and the city guy in charge of the park shoved a stick in where the nail should have been instead of leaving it until it could be fixed. At least people would have chosen one of the other NINE railings to lean against in the gazebo. Needless to say, the gazebo won. I took a picture of my leg, but it's too gross to post!!

I took one for the next bridal team!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not MEEEEE! Monday

Check out MckMama's blog, and see what others have not done!

1.) I definitely do not have a 40 60 pound German Shepherd on my bed as I type this.
I also did not have both dogs and one cat on my bed this afternoon. That would be preposterous! 3 months ago only the cats were allowed up here.

2.) Yesterday was some sort of food drive where we could put canned goods outside our front door and have someone pick them up. When I went to see what my brother put in the bag, I did not find a marinara jar full 1/5 full, nor did I find a peanut butter jar half empty in the bag....

3.) I did not take an empty box and put it over my cat, watch him freak out, and then laugh until I was wheezing.

4.)I did not receive my order from, put it on my wall and then realize it does not really match my curtains. Colors online are deceiving. I may still keep it on my wall because I love it!

5.) My bed has not turned into an extension of my closet.

Guess that's it- must have been a fairly boring week.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ode to a Few New Spring/Summer Clothes

I could not find the links to a few of the shirts I bought, but here are a few pics and links I was able to find:

This cover-up is actually a light blue and from Target!

Another Target purchase! They supply 3/4 of my wardrobe!....and you know, if I tuck my shirt in like the picture, it will look even better on...ahem.
I LOVE this scarf! It's so light and actually comes in 2 other colors!

These embody COMFY! I know, I know Stacy and Clinton HATE that word.

This shirt is no longer available, but it's from Macy*s and I also have it in blue.
and finally, my COVETED item that I DID NOT buy :( I know it's nothing special, but it's just so cute, and I loved it on! (Could not get the pic to work, so follow the link)

Hope you have found a few new cute pieces for Spring/Summer!

oh, and in case you were, I am not the blond modeling the clothes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's Back!

Woohoo! MckMama is back to doing Not Me! Monday! Head on over to her blog and see what others are not doing!

This week I did NOT.....

- drive down a one way street the wrong way once twice.

-walk up and down my street for an hour looking for this guy who did not get out.

- I did not finish a paper for school FOUR days early!

- I also did not find a $709.86 error made by my car insurance company, call them to discuss it, and then I was not told about how shocked they were about my honesty.

- I hate flowers and taking pictures of them, so I did not just love all the Cherry Blossom trees.

-I definitely did not spend a girls morning out last week and have a pedicure, and if I did, I would not have taken photographic proof.

...and if one was wondering, the nail color is not call "Nice Color,eh?" by OPI

- I did not run walk into the animal hospital this week and contemplate grabbing a few surgical masks to wear around...just in case.

Griffen and Brooklyn (dogs) did not have a few words huge fight this week that I did not have to break up. And if that all did actually happen, which it didn't, I did not turn around after the fight was over to find my aunt in the sink scared to death of the fight.

I am sure there are plenty of other things I did not do, but I don't you all to think I am perfect! :)