Friday, May 15, 2009

The Gazebo Won

Today I took Kate to the park (2 1/2 years old.) We were having a lovely time until we both got stuck in a HUGE pit of mud. We were covered. It was all over the diaper bag, our legs, our sandals came off and were stuck, and we both had mud all the way up our clothes. After we cleaned off, we headed to the gazebo. You know, the place that reminds you of beautiful weddings. We started playing house, and I ordered Chicken and I was given sushi instead. While I was waiting for my strawberries, I decided to lean against of the railing in the gazebo. Kids are always jumping on them, so I never gave it a second thought. The minute I leaned against it, I knew I should have taken that second thought. (cue the slow motion feeling) crash* Boom* BANG* There I went tumbling down with the railing. A woman came running up to me to make sure I was ok. I'd say I was fine aside from the chunk of flesh I had missing, the bruises I felt swelling, and the blood dripping down my leg. I looked up at Kate. Her poor face was in shock! "Miss Liz, you okay?"

Come to find out the railing had broken yesterday and the city guy in charge of the park shoved a stick in where the nail should have been instead of leaving it until it could be fixed. At least people would have chosen one of the other NINE railings to lean against in the gazebo. Needless to say, the gazebo won. I took a picture of my leg, but it's too gross to post!!

I took one for the next bridal team!


Jessica Ann said...

I cannot believe this happened to you! What a story, I am just glad you are okay minus the leg!

Kim said...

Now most people would have an injury lawyer lined up before sundown! Glad you weren't seriously hurt.