Friday, May 8, 2009

Ode to a Few New Spring/Summer Clothes

I could not find the links to a few of the shirts I bought, but here are a few pics and links I was able to find:

This cover-up is actually a light blue and from Target!

Another Target purchase! They supply 3/4 of my wardrobe!....and you know, if I tuck my shirt in like the picture, it will look even better on...ahem.
I LOVE this scarf! It's so light and actually comes in 2 other colors!

These embody COMFY! I know, I know Stacy and Clinton HATE that word.

This shirt is no longer available, but it's from Macy*s and I also have it in blue.
and finally, my COVETED item that I DID NOT buy :( I know it's nothing special, but it's just so cute, and I loved it on! (Could not get the pic to work, so follow the link)

Hope you have found a few new cute pieces for Spring/Summer!

oh, and in case you were, I am not the blond modeling the clothes.


Jessica Ann said...

I want the skirt and the COMFY pants I am going to get them. I hope they have the same attire in Ohio... Did the skirt come in more colors?

harmonysong said...

Comfy pants are amazing! Love them!! I am sure the Target out there has them! The skirt came in the color I bought, navy, brown, and I think white. Make sure you try it on. I think it runs big.