Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finish That Sentence

**Sorry for the terrible punctuation! :)

Maybe I should .....start my paper that's due on Monday

I love ..... sleeping, the beach, warm weather, DKNY Be Delicious perfume

People who matter would say that I'm .... compassionate, very independent

I don't understand why.... my room never stays clean

When I wake up in the morning .... depends on the time- if it’s before 9 then I probably won’t make eye contact or even acknowledge your existence. :)

I lost ..... my watch from Spain, my short term memory…

Life is full of ...... writing papers, hanging with kids and dogs! :)

My past is ..... not that long ago since I am only 23.

I get annoyed by ....... people who do not walk on the right! Massachusetts drivers, freezing weather takes the cake

Parties are fun, but not as fun as ......not going to them! Give me one or two people and a movie or cup of coffee and I am much happier.

I wish life was not ....... continuous when you need it to stop for a while.

Dogs... have always been a part of my life- dad is a vet, and I worked for him for 8 years.

Cats ...... are always sleeping on my bed with or without me.

Tomorrow is ......Thursday, going to be 92 degrees back home, and only 69 here...

I have a low tolerance for.... rum people who slack off in school and expect others to do their work for them- wrong answer!

If I had a million dollars ....... Pay of loans, invest, and give a lot away.

I'm totally terrified of...... all pain, making a terrible mistake that causes others pain


Katrina said...

The Mass drivers cracked me up-- I refuse to drive in Mass because I'm terrified!! :)

Katrina said...

That's so funny! I didn't realize you were in NH. I went to high school in Londonderry-- not too far from you.

Leah said...

MckMama couldn't play Not Me this week, but you can play Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Stop by and check it out.