Friday, May 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

~Never Say Never~

I would never go 3 5 years without seeing a doctor.

I would never have a conversation until almost 4 in the morning with a good friend!

I would never throw a clothes pin at the dog to make him stop being annoying. He would never then start eating it.

I would never sit in front of my computer staring for hours trying to write one single solitary, cotton pickin' page for my paper due that day.

I would never start freaking out about November.

........Everything else I did not do this week.......

I did not spend many moments hours wondering if a team member was going to plagiarize her portion of the paper again.errrrrr She did not post 2 days late. She did not blame the team for not reminding her. This is not a 400 level course. I am not earning my own education.

I did not pack a suitcase one night, repack it in the morning and upon arriving at my destination wish I had left the initial items in the suitcase.

I did not contemplate all the money I could probably get from the city I live in for the fall I had in the city park.

Finally, and I am quite proud of this one...

I did not receive HUGE props from my new doctor this week for not being the typical 20-something year old. My new doctor did not then ask if I wanted to date her son! :)..ok, ok, I did receive huge props and I am proud of that decision!

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Shauna and Ben said...

So when's the date? You are not the typical 20-something year old and not just for the reasons I'm sure she was saying it! (That was a compliment...not a sarcastic could be taken either way..but it was meant in the compliment way.) love ya!