Friday, September 18, 2009

Five Question Friday

My Little Life

I just started reading "My Little Life" and Mama M has some great stories. Head over to her blog to read other responses to these questions!

1. What's your favorite line from a movie?

Ok, so I have been thinking about this ALL day, and I just can't come up with anything other than " Hello Puppet" from Pirates, and that's only because my brother is watching it right now. I am much more a TV quoter, mostly F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Monica: The camera adds 10 pounds!

2. What "group" did you belong to in high school? Goths, jocks, preps, drama, nerds?

I went to such a small high school. There were only 23 or 24 in my graduating class. I think we all pretty much felt close to each other. At my previous school (3rd-9th grade) I honestly floated from EVERY group!

3. If you had $1000 just for yourself what would you spend it on?
Clothes, shoes, new ipod, and probably cable and DVR for my room. (Didn't have to think too hard on that one. )

4. What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

I have no idea why, but I loved the roadrunner!

5. What kind of sleeper are you? Back? Tummy? Side? Sprawler?

90% of the time I am on my stomach without a pillow.


Mama M. said...

The road runner rocks...totally, hands down, without a doubt! As I tappity tap away here, my fam is watching old Tom and Jerry toons and "bustin' a gut"!! I'm laughing just listening to them!! Thanks for joining in again!

Wendy said...

Love that "Friends" line!!!

Jes said...

Needed to ask you a question about the one you posted on my blog, but couldn't find your email information. Is there any way you would email me a picture of the bedding or of the room? You preference.. Because it all depends on "How much pattern is on your bedding?".

Thanks so much..
Email me at

Bellismom said...

Love the Friends quote! I could quote Friends all day.

Ross: Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look a like contest and won!
Chandler: Ross came in fourth and cried!

Oh man...I need to go watch some Friends now.

Juggling Thoughts said...

Hey girl, your blog is too cute! I just found you on Kelly's Korner and thought I would drop in!

If you are ever interested in a new blog makeover/design, I would love to work with you!

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Have a lovely day!

HeatherOz said...

My life used to revolve around Friends! I was so sad when it ended!