Monday, September 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

While watching the kiddos all day yesterday, our game of backyard softball did NOT start like this:

Me: Repeat after me. I will play nicely (I will play nicely)

I will not push my sister or brother (I will not push my sister or brother)

I will not throw my bat if I hit the ball (I will not throw my bat if I hit the ball)

I will let Liz be the referee (I will let Liz be the referee)

I will not slide into my sister or brother (I will not slide into my sister or brother)

I will have good sportsmanship. (I will have good sportsmanship)

etc. etc. etc.

One of the kids did not follow up with "Man! That's a lot of rules! How am I supposed to remember all of them?"

After work last night, I did not stay up until 3am to start and finish a paper due today.


I did not almost wipe out my saving on my car this past month with registration ($300) plus all the work that needed to be done on it to pass inspection. UGH!


I did not dust my bedroom for the first time in months this past week


Finally, I did NOT walk away from my shopping cart in the grocery store to grab something. In the event that I did do that, I did NOT take someone else's cart without even realizing. After making it all the way down the aisle, I did not hear someone say "excuse me, but you have MY cart" We both had banana's in the child's seat....however, my cart also did not have my purse sitting in the seat as well. Which means I did not walk away from my purse not even knowing. Especially because it was open and had cash that was not in my wallet sitting on top.

That's it! :) Head over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else has not done!


shopannies said...

its so funny my kids are all teens now but when they were smaller you could simply tell them the rules and if someone broke one you said stop and they would behave does not work so well now

Katrina said...

Those are great. I love the softball story!

Mama M. said...

Cute Not Me! Monday!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Rebekah said...

Ok the cart thing made me laugh. That is totally something I would do. LOL I found your blog over on Mckmama's site. I enjoyed reading your NMM.