Thursday, October 16, 2008

Created to Worship

I am His sacrifice. I am His offering. I was (we were) created to worship Him.

I am Your sacrifice
I am Your offering
I was created to worship You
There's nothing I could bring
That would mean more then this one thing
I was created to worship You.

You are all I have
All I have is You
You are all I am
All I am is You

Whatever You ask of me
There's no one I'd rather be
Then one created to worship You
In all that comes my way
Poverty fame or pain
I was created to worship You

Without You there's nothing Lord
Now and forevermore
I was created to worship You
~Rita Springer


Ileana said...

Beautiful Poem. I love stumbling onto new blogs thanks to McMama!

Oh, and I just wanted to tell you about this amazing site that is challenging people to inspire the WOLRD IN JUST 25 DAYS!!!

Thanks and God Bless,

Michal Ann said...

You wrote a beautiful prayer for Stellan. Thank you for that gift!

Love in Jesus, Michal (I have to re-do this google blogger thing every time I use it so I'll just hafta be anonymous!!)

You certainly have some lovely photos! Good eye!