Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday- My first time!

I get such a kick out of reading everyone's but I've never participated. Zip over to MckMama and read her Not Me! Monday post, after all, this is her blog carnival.

So (takes a deep breath) here we go...

I did not write a note in church and give it to my 12 year old cousin sitting next to me. And if I did, it certainly did not have an arrow and the word "hair" written down- pointing to a man who is gowning a mullet.

I did not buy a pair of shoes at Gap even though they were a size too small just so I would have shoes to go with the pants I did not buy there. I did not wear said shoes to church and about die walking in them.

I did not watch 4 episodes of Monk after church

I did not freeze in bed all night long because I was too tired to get up and turn the heat up

I did not spend 2 hours trying to figure out where the "history brush" went in photoshop. I did not delete it by accident...I am not very frustrated by this

Finally, I did not consider spending $130 on a flat iron

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Rob and Amy said...

Heheheeheh!!!!!!! Thanks for letting me know you laughed =) I was so excited to be the first to comment, that I didn't sit and ponder and come up with something more creative as I have been known to do....but I read a few people that enjoyed it :) Thanks for stopping by!!!!!