Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fallen off the face of the earth New Hampshire pt.1

I believe I have spent a total of 5 or 6 nights in my own bed since the middle of June. Now it's July August already. As busy as I have been, and believe me, I have been BUSY, I STILL feel like we were robbed of summer. With the places I have been and the tan I currently have, you'd think I would be exhausted from all summer has brought, and I'd feel I had the greatest summer, but for one reason or another, it still does not feel like summer.

Moving on because I have no revelations as to why.

Here are some Summer Snapshots from here, there, and everywhere..

RI for one of my dearest friend's wedding: June

Pre Wedding Fun

Beautiful Bride
Three of the four bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride
John's (cousin) elementary graduation: June

Me and the 'grad' -guess I did not have a tan yet.

Me and my Dad :)
Sister, BIL, and their crazy dogs visit from Ohio: June/July

DARK choc. covered strawberries-YUM!
Annual 3rd of July Bonfires on the beach
Me and Naughty Nillie
Bird Brain
Rocks at the brook
To be continued....

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Katrina said...

We have definitely been robbed of a summer!! I wish I atleast could say I had a tan as well but noooooo! :)