Monday, July 12, 2010

Haven't seen these parts in a while

I haven't been here in a long while...aside from some a couple posts here and there.

I am on a break from school right now. I handed everything in a couple days ago, but today was my first official day off from the daily mental grind.

I wish I had written down all my blog posts ideas I've had over the last couple weeks, but I didn't.

I am looking forward to learning more about photography on my break and getting my resume all ready (not that I am looking forward to that part....)

Summer has been fun so far! I flew out to Ohio for two days to help my sister drive out here for two weeks.
Ohio morning

We took some family pictures while she was here

Sisters and Their Shepherds

Whole Fam
Me and Ben

I also shot up to Maine for a quick weekend. I ended up having to do school work up there, but it was still great!
In Maine, I finally got to see my college roomie who I had not seen since being in her wedding over a year ago!
Been spending lots of time with this girl while doing school work. She won't let me out of her sight!
Had a pedicure done by a guy who JUST returned from Iraq....???
and have seen some BEAUTIFUL sunsets!

Do share what YOU have been doing!


Jes said...

Glad you are enjoying your break! I know you are glad to relax a little bit. Great Pictures of the family.. Love the sunset!

Sarah said...

Yay family pics! You just have to take them. I tell everyone where to stand and bring a tripod. Someone's got to be in charge! Cool pic of Ohio Morning. And the sunsets.

Shauna and Ben said...

Welcome back. Great pics! Pedicures, sunsets, friends and family...sounds/looks great!

Shauna and Ben said...
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Shauna and Ben said...

I deleted that comment...for some reason my comment posted twice. But then sometimes you see that someone deleted and it leaves you wondering why? and who? So I thought I'd leave this long explanation as to why there is a deleted comment on this post :)

Katrina said...

Unfortunately, nothing as fun as what you've been up to!! It looks like you've been having fun. :)

Love all the pictures. The sunset is beautiful.