Thursday, July 12, 2012

Everyone loves a good Before and After picture, right?

I have this weird obsession with taking pictures of my hair the day I have it done by my stylist...I just use my photobooth on my computer so the picture quality is terrible, but I thought I would show a little before and after for fun. 


OK, ok, so this before and after has nothing to do with my HAIR! My hair is done in all the pictures. Not looking so great in the last picture (right above)....must have been end of the day.

The before and after in these pictures...can you guess?

(One from tonight, just for definitely NOT done!)

Did you guess??




Lynn said...

WOW! I was trying to figure it out before I scrolled down, and I was thinking, "It hardly even looks like the same person!" Congrats! You look amazing! I have about 30 I need to lose and no motivation. How did you do it???

Shauna and Ben said...

Amazing!!!! So proud of you. I know how hard you must have worked...that is no small task! Can't wait to see you in person! When is that by the way?