Thursday, March 19, 2009

I remember....

Every Saturday morning when I was younger- a trip to Dunk's and then to K-mart to pick out a new Barbie

Hitting every holiday parade there was. Standing on the side, buying from all the street vendors on main street-hats, flags, etc.

Thursday night Spaghetti

Sunday night dinners

Visiting in Boston 12 years ago when he was first diagnosed

Hearing the same stories every few months- all about what my aunt and uncle did when they were growing up.

Playing the game where I would run around the couch, and he would hold his arm up and act like a bridge I could not pass

Hiding candy in his car for me

His pink polo shirt :)

Going to church with him while he worked in the office

Riding bikes together when I was little

His "special medicine" on Sunday afternoons

Always being called "Doll" in Greek--"Koukla"

Getting a few bucks here and there- when YiaYia was not looking

Talking about sports and politics

Many trips to "The Big One"

His purple Cadillac

Sleeping over when I was little and jumping on YiaYia and Papou's bed when I woke up in the am

Hearing "Hi, my girl!!"

....and SO many more wonderful things

He was the only grandfather I knew and loved so much. He would do anything for me. I am so glad he is no longer sick-he is rejoicing in heaven now.

I Love you, Papou! Thank you for being the best grandfather any girl could ask for. Enjoy being in the presence of our Savior! I miss you so much!

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