Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Alive & Giveaway Coming SOON!

Just popping in.

Been SUPER busy with school work (and work)! I am making progress, but I still have mucho to finish. I also just realized today that my classes end next Friday and not the usual Sunday. That's a loss of 2 days of work. errrr.

I am looking forward to a couple days in Maine next week. I'm heading up to stay at a friend's parent's house while they are away. Their puppy just had major surgery and needed someone to stay with her. Here is to hoping for some sun and time in their hammock..if I can get my school work done!

My brother-in-law is back here. He exhausted the doctors out in Ohio. They found a tumor on his pituitary gland, but they are saying it's secondary and not large enough to be causing all the problems. He is not passing out now but having 6+ grand mal seizures every day. He was admitted to Mass General this morning because he has a constant migraine and the seizures are out of control...and we have NO IDEA what is causing them!

It's been a LONG haul, and we are all exhausted. It's ironic...the minute I started this paragraph the lyrics from my itunes were "I believe that You're my Healer". We are still holding onto this, but we are tired and weary.

My giveaway post will be up in the next couple days. Come back and try to win!!


Arizona Mamma said...

Seriously, it's high time they figure it out with your BIL!!!

I am loving your pictures.

Sarah said...

I was wondering if you were MIA busy or just blocked me on fb. ha ha. Every time I pick up the book I SOB. I can't read it when Craig is around, he'd probably take it away.

It is SO HARD to pray for something and not see an answer in a timely fashion - our time, that is. I thought by now you'd know and he'd be treated . . . and better. So hard to wait. So hard to have silence be the answer (for now). I've been praying (for what that's worth) and will continue.

Great Pics.

Jes said...

Saying a prayer for you BIL, and your family. Photography is gorgeous!

Cathy said...

Girl, I can't even imagine the frustration of not knowing what's going on with your BIL....

Great pics!!!