Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The God who created...

this beautiful mountain....

(Click on the picture for an even more beautiful display of His creation)

He promises to hold us.

He promises to be near us.

He promises to not give us more than we can handle.

No feat is too great for Him.

He can move mountains. We can move mountains.

Mountains seem so incredibly large, heavy, and impossible to move lately.

My mind can barely wrap around all that is happening.

If you have been reading here for any length of time, you likely know my brother-in-law has been very sick now for about 18 months. He has seen top specialists in the country and no one seems to be able to diagnose him.

He is back in the hospital after a week of increasing seizure activity that has caused new neurological symptoms (if interested, you can read more here on my sister's blog). His body is exhausted from day in and day out seizure activity that has been going on for 18 months. My poor sister is trying to work at her very stressful job just to keep them afloat so they can pay medical bills and not lose their house.

I won't lie. This mountain has been painful. It has been exhausting. It has left me questioning God. It has, at times, taken me to a place of doubt. I have countless times asked "HOW LONG, O LORD?!" When will it be enough? When will it be over? Will it ever be over this side of heaven?

Look at the beauty in these mountains? The creator of these mountains has carried us thus far. He will continue to carry us through to the end, whenever that may be.

I want to hope.

I continue to plead for it to be over-for health to be restored.

I know He is in control.

What mountains do you face? Where is He allowing your faith to be tested?

I pray you (we) are faithful as He is faithful to us.


Katrina said...

I'm so sorry to hear he's back in the hospital. I always keep you all in my prayers and I hope this road gets a little easier for everyone.

Mama M. said...

Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry you are struggling. I know, all too well, the pain of watching loved ones struggle.

Faith is what gets us through these hard times...prayers for your BIL and your sister...