Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Three Thoughts

Alarm at 7am:

I really have to go downstairs and go to the bathroom. Can I move? I'm afraid to move. You just have to move or you are going to pee your pants from all that water you drank last night. I CAN move, and I am not in that much pain. yet.

Wow, that really hurt getting down to the toilet. How the heck am I going to get up? Thank goodness we have one of those higher toilets!

Not so sore all day!! Even made a snowman at work that was taller than me.

Workout at 7pm


Jill, how on earth am I supposed to kick myself in the butt with buttkicks? I can't get my heels to my butt and I have a big butt.

Are those rolls on Jill's stomach? Oh wait, that's just excess skin.

I must be delirious from the pain.


Laura said...

I tried to do the Shred over the summer. I only made it halfway haha. I'm impressed that you already did it once, and still want to do it again!!

Katrina said...

Oh yeah...I just snorted a bit.

Arizona Mamma said...

Gotta love the hard to get to the toilet kinda sore. So proud of you for doing it!

Amanda said...

LOL You poor thing!! I LOVE that you are doing it though! Keep going girl!

Jes said...

Too Funny! But you do have me thinking that I should start this too!

Sarah said...

I have tried the level one (on demand) and cannot imagine doing it more than one day in a row.

Jill would NOT approve of friendship bread. I made the starter and then you let it sit for 10 days and then bake. So this is the first time I've made it in a long time. You're not coming today so you are NOT getting any. Today. I'll be baking it every 10 days until I get sick of it so once you've had it, I can give you a starter, if you want.

Melanie said...

Jillian scares me!! Sometimes I even thought I heard her calling my name.. telling me to stop being a baby. HaHa! I got to level 2 but had to quit because of chest pains but would love to start this up again before Summer. Enjoy! Don't let Jillian make you too crazy!

Hilary said...

Those thoughts sound like my thoughts :)
I can't kick myself either!!
I'm so glad we are doing this together! And so far, it hasn't been AS bad as I was fearing. We'll see if that changes as the days go on ;)