Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday

*edit...I DID do one last week. I guess it was so boring even I forgot about it! ha!

I do believe I missed this last week...mostly because I tried to come up with something but was lacking in anything interesting. May be the case this week also. Guess you'll be the judge.

Here we go. Check out MckMama's site for more Not Me's!

During the Super Bowl I did not sleep through the first and second quarter.

I did not bring a book with me to my aunt's for the Super Bowl, knowing full well I was not just there for the family gathering and food.

When told I had been sick this past week the following did not come out of my mouth "I was NOT! What came out of my nose was clear-every time! Not green!"

At a friend's house over the weekend I did not have to sit out of the hot tub twice in the course of 1/2 hour because I will literally faint if I stay in for more than 15 minutes at a time. Thanks to low blood pressure I guess. Party pooper.

When I went to turn the little heater on in my room after church it did not read 45 degrees- INSIDE-in my bedroom!!! brrrrr

I certainly don't currently have a wet bathing suit and towel sitting in my overnight bag. Probably smelling moldy...I always unpack the minute I walk through the door!

That's all folks!


Nikki said...

Bringing a book to the Super Bowl party is something I would totally do! Also, being there just for the food is awesome! Also, the part about almost fainting in hot tubs is also just like me. We just put in a whirlpool tub and if it's too hot I will almost pass out!

Momof3inVA said...

Don't feel bad, I had my laptop out while I was watching the game...and I LOVE football!

Oh, and I hope you feel better...and I hope your room has heated up since yesterday! ;)

If not, at least the cold temps should defer the molding process on your bathing suit (I think)...