Monday, August 30, 2010

Funk Take 2

I still can't put my finger on the funk, but I have spent sometime thinking about it. I should have clarified and told you it's not an emotional funk. It's just a I feel very strange all the time funk. For example, things that seem normal to me, appear to be strange in my mind. Weird, I know. It's enough that I have considered going to the doctor if I don't feel better soon.

I have felt better the last couple days. But I have to be honest, there has been a part of me experiencing an emotional funk in addition to the strange-feeling funk.

The emotional funk stems from feeling unappreciated.

It's true. I'm an affirmation girl. I need to hear from you that you appreciate what I am doing or that I am doing it correctly. I am not looking for high praise, but to simply have the satisfaction that my effort is worth it.

When I don't receive this affirmation that I so desperately seek, I begin to not only feel unappreciated, but also taken advantage of.

It finally "hit me" the other night. One of my favorite quotes states, "Intense love does not measure, it just gives" (Mother Teresa).

If I am giving of myself to others, I don't have to feel unappreciated or taken advantage of. If my actions are out of love, measurement has no part of the equation.

But if you want to affirm me, I won't mind! :)


Sarah said...

oh, good quote. But I agree, affirmation is nice. I, for one, love when you post or update on FB. I appreciate your kind spirit, your easy smile, sense of humor, and your artistic eye. I'm so impressed with your work ethic and ability to do online classes. Furthermore, you're really photogenic with great hair.

I think in general "we" don't affirm each other often enough or simply express when we appreciate something about someone else, whether it's who they are or what they do. So I don't say the above just because you asked . . . but becasue when I think of you, I think of these things. I think of you as an amazingly kind and generous person. I crack up everytime I picture Belle jumping up to greet you and giving you a full-body hug. quote from somewhere: "it is no small thing, when they who are so soon from God, love us."

Katrina said...

There's really nothing I dislike more than being in a funk. It's a horrible feeling and pretty lonely because it seems like you can never pinpoint exactly what's going on. I hope your funk disappears soon though. I'll be thinking of you. :)

trooppetrie said...

woo hoo, i found your blog. where oh where has it been. lost in my computer. i am sorry you have been in a funk, it must be in the air because I told my husband it si a weird funk around here too

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you and your blog! I enjoy reading it
and like to think about the connections of finding you through jessica. Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more of your beautiful pictures. Love your
"little movies" too!