Wednesday, August 18, 2010

this and that

I always have so many blog ideas running through my head, but I hardly even write them down or have the mental energy to type them out.

I have no idea where the last two months have gone. SO crazy and I hate how it's the end of summer. I always say I don't even want to think about my Bday (Aug 14th) because that means summer is winding down. UGH!

I turned 25 this year. Time to grow up! :) I spent it snuggling with a 4 week old baby. I stayed with some friends for a couple days to help out with the baby. But wow I am tired. Last night was my first night back in my bed and I am pretty sure I could have slept until my 26th birthday!

My sister and BIL where here for a week. We went for lunch at an amazing restaurant called Latitudes. It's the summer restaurant for a hotel call Wentworth By The Sea. The owner saw some of my pictures and is interested in using some of them!

THE BEST salad I have ever eaten!!

My sister and BIL's wedding rings


Mom and her girls


Laura said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I especially love the one of the flower on the black background! So neat! I have been saving for a while and am now seriously looking into buying a big girl camera and I am excited, but a little nervous too. I hope I can get the hang of it!

Glad you have been having a good summer. How is your brother in law's health?

Katrina said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures! Your sister's wedding ring is amazing. :)

Sarah said...

OK, really great pics. Love the 2nd one, of the dock. Well, there's a lot i love and I'd detail but Kate's bugging me for PBS kids. You have a good eye for what will compose a good picture. SO exciting that the restaurant guys is interested in some pictures!! so cool.

Heather said...

Great pictures! I love the one of the food and rings shots!!