Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I certainly have not been a good blogger lately.

Partially because I have been too lazy.

Partially because I have lacked the desire.

Partially because I can hardly keep up with reading the blogs I follow

But mainly because I just haven't had the time!

I will be on a break from school in two weeks, so I am definitely hoping to write some posts then- including a CSN review.

I hope everyone is well and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. I, for one, and happy to be back home from a trip to the mid west!

VERY blurry, but here is what my suitcase weighed in at the night before my flight...

Yes, that's 49.6...that means I had 0.39 to spare!! Don't ever question my packing abilities!

Be back here soon!


Sarah said...

I have missed you! Last year we saw you a lot, IRL and online. Great job on the packing. As someone who has TWICE has to repack at baggage check-in, I am very impressed.

jennifer said...

I was so glad to get to peek at you, although briefly, while you were on your trip. Looking forward to your blogs. Great packing!

trooppetrie said...

briefly I thought that said 98 and was a pants leg. i was thinking WOW she is too thin