Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me!

This week my sister did not come to town, she did not leave her 2 crazy dogs with us, and her 90lb male German Shepherd has not attached himself to me. He does not watch my ever move, and he certainly does not feel the need to protect me....hmmm I am not wondering where the human version of this dog is... :)

His sister, on the other hand, is NOT the craziest dog ever!!! She is also not the cutest thing!

I do not call myself "Aunty Liz" when they are around. That would be ridiculous!

I am not going back to the bumper boat place where I fell on the dock and proceed to throw up everywhere. That would just be embarrassing to return.

I am not SO SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THIS FREAKING RAIN tired of all the rain. Geez, I might as well just go live in Seattle for crying out loud!.

I did not have so many "not me's" the last time around that I just decided not to do one...

That's all for now- forgot to keep track this week! Head over here and see what others have not done.

OH!! And I did not complete my 30th day of the shred yesterday!! (all in all I think it was mostly beneficial in toning muscles)


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Very cute dogs you have there! I would be totally sick of the rain too! We are pretty dry here.

Mommy Vent said...

cute dogs! hope you see the sun soon

Katrina said...

Those dogs are adorable!!
Sorry to hear about the bumper boats and I hope you're okay. That sounded really rough!

I am also not tired of all this rain. :)

Shauna and Ben said...

Ummm...I am not letting Tobi call you Aunty Liz if you also call yourself that about dogs! My Tobi does not share aunties with animals! :)

Seriously...could we have a day of sun and warmth and no humidity...this is just crazy.

Cindy Lyle said...

Wow, where are these dangerous bumper boats?
Actually, I wanted to ask you about The Shred! I need something a little less complicated to follow than the usual dancing aerobics that I can't keep up with. Yoga Booty Ballet had me perplexed most of the time! Was it at all aerobic or at least strength building?

Katrina said...

I actually ended up in the Portsmouth area but I do love the Nashua Christmas Tree Shop! We need one closer to my area!

Together We Save said...

Love these dogs. You have a great blog.

Cathy said...

Girl! You rock! You completed 30 days of The (dreaded) Shred?! I'm impressed. I completed about 4 and then took 30+ days off, does that count?:)