Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clean out your purse, woman!

My findings....
(Sorry, cell phone quality! It's actually a really cute green color!)
1 chapstick
2 lip glosses
1 lindt chocolate
2 dove dark chocolates
1 necklace
1 ipod USB cord
1 quarter
1 Dunkin' D's card
2 starbucks cards
1 bottle of pamprin
1 bottle of lactase enzymes
1 two week old clementine
2 pieces of fresh two-week-old bread in a sandwich bag
3 mittens
1 package of clean well sanitizing wipes
1 tampon
3 receipts
3 hair clips
1 ipod
2 pairs of sunglasses
1 empty wallet
...and I don't have kids to blame it on!

Anyone else have a bottomless pit??


Sailor and Co said...

Usually I do. I have made a commitment. Only a wallet and a pen go in my purse.

Its the DIAPER bag that probably has moldy bread and sour milk sippies in it :)

Arizona Mamma said...

Oh man! That's nothing!!! My purse so needs a good cleaning. I'm almost inpsired to do it. If only I weren't so stinkin' tired.

Katrina said...

Just do what I do. Empty all the junk into another purse in your closet and forget about it completely. Then when you want to use that purse filled with junk, it's like a lost treasure of goodies you forgot you had haha.

Shauna and Ben said...

3 mittens? That sounds like me :)

Sarah said...

This is cracking me up. I found something random in my bag and thought about doing a post like this . . . the 3 mittens is esp. funny.
I saw the pic and was like, did she get a new one? It's a little early for white . . .

Amanda said...

Your blog looks beautiful!! And did you know I havent carried a purse in over 10 years! Sad! Yours is adorable!