Thursday, January 28, 2010

ten things i hate about you 14 13 random facts

**UPDATED... as SOMEONE so nicely pointed out, I only have THIRTEEN random facts here. Clearly, someone has too much time on her hands...

Alternately titled: You want random? illgiveyourandom

I can't STAND touching cotton balls. wigs. me. out.

I drove a standard for 18 months, hating every minutes of it. Now that I have an automatic, sometimes I miss having a standard.

When I paint my fingernails I do it right before bed. Undercoat, 2 coats of color, one topcoat. Then I sleep with my hands on top of my down comforter.

I HATE stickers! Like the stickers kids always want to give you to wear. I can't do it.

My cell phone cover is lime green.

I have to be covered with at least a sheet when I am sleeping. No matter what.

I have a strange obsession with cleaning my ears...well, the inside.

I leave my keys in the front door a lot, yet I never think to look there when I can't find them an hour later.

It drives me up a wall when people try and talk to me during movies or shows. Commercials are ok.

I rearrange my bedroom all the time!

I'm never in a regular sleeping pattern. Probably why I'm tired a lot.

There is always at least one animal asleep on my bed.

And, finally for now, the air freshener in my room is "Dancing Waters" from Bath and Body Works.

How about you? What are some random facts?


Katrina said...

I can't stop laughing at you leaving the keys in the door. I used to do that all the time and my husband would always lecture me, "What's the point of locking all the doors if you're leaving the intruder your keys?!" Oops. :)

Shauna and Ben said...

cotton balls...remember your senior gift? I'm sure everyone thought I was the weirdo for giving you those as a gift, but we really know who the odd one here is, don't we? (no. It's YOU!)

Shauna and Ben said...

Ummm...also, I counted 3 times and I think there are only 13 things listed here... correct me if I'm wrong. (OK maybe I am the weird one if I'm counting your blog lists...)

Cathy said...

Some of your random things are MY random things TOOOO! (Ok, I just said that in my best Nacho Libre voice, but if you've never seen it, then it's only funny to me.:P)

Sarah said...

I used to do that nail thing. I quit b/c I got too many sheet marks (cross hatching). This is quite the assortment of random statements . . . It's hard to take it all in.

Arizona Mamma said...

I have to sleep with covers on. I couldn't even do it with just a sheet.

love the color on your phone!

Shauna and Ben said...

That's much better.