Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm a total snob!

Snob:That's me

A total snob.

When it comes to certain things.

Very important things.

Things that can keep you up at night (pun intended)

Things that will get you through the day.

I'm a snob.

For things like tea & coffee

I love Rooibos tea. Just plain. Nothing added. It's a red tea.
This is Rooibos with Ginseng
Good hot.Not cold.

My fav tea cup
Also a snob about wine.
CANNOT be sweet. Hate Merlot. LOVE Chianti.

Yes, I can be a snob.


Arizona Mamma said...

I am so Un snobby about wine. It can be $2 a bottle, and if it tastes good, I'm in. I don't really know much about the differences either. I just know it's some good stuff and I could use a glass right about now.

Cathy said...

I don't like sweet wine either! But I DO like Merlot. Haven't tried chianti...hmmmm.

And I LOVE your tea cup!!! SOOO cute!

yodasmith said...

Since you are a self-proclaimed rooibos snob, you not be interested, but I just thought you might want to know that since you prefer unflavored rooibos, the Wisdom of the Ancients brand offers unflavored rooibos.

Amanda said...

I LOVE your perspective in photography. You take the most amazing pictures!!! And its ok to be a snob about what you put in your body. We all should be!

Now... can I be so bold to ask you to do me a favor?? (if this offends you in the slightest, please delete this comment and resume regular friendship) :)
Would you grab that canister of the red tea and set it in front of the window in your home with the most light? Then grab your camera, turn off the flash, and take a picture. Or 27. I tend to take lots.

Can you see a difference?? Is it better/worse?