Friday, March 19, 2010

Raw(e) Distractions

Just as the clock is in the "shadow" of these flowers, so is time in my life.

"Time" is one of my biggest distractions in life. Yep.

It keeps me from doing.

It keeps me from committing.

It keeps me from accomplishing.

It keeps me from sleep.

Time has always kept me from being present. My mind often travels to how much time I have left. How much more do I have to get done in the amount of time I will have? Will I make it on time?

Oftentimes, I will way overestimate my time. I get very stressed about arriving somewhere 2-3 minutes late to a commitment with a specific time. Traffic puts me over the edge because I know I will be late.

If I have to wake up particularly early for work, I will set 2 alarms to ensure I am up and ready to leave when I have to. I will wake up several times in the night, checking the clock, to see how much time I have left to sleep and make sure I didn't miss my TWO alarms (it has happened before).

If I'm hanging with a friend and having a great time, I will think about how much time we have left together before we have to part ways instead of just enjoying my time.

Time rules my life, and I hate it.

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Sailor and Co said...

Wow, I never would have thought about that one. Nice work! How much "time" did it take you to think of that one? jk

drea said...

love it. i'm a total time waster. arg.