Monday, March 15, 2010

Kickin my butt


People, I don't know if my butt has gotten bigger, or if I am actually able to do the moves the right way by now. But I can actually kick myself in the butt (at least a couple times) during the rockstar jumps on level 3 in The Shred!

I am SOOO proud of myself and my workout buddy, Hilary!! We only have ONE day left!! WOOZAH!!!!

Please excuse me while I go pat myself on the back.

And kick Jillian in the butt.


Sarah said...

Patting yourself on the back takes a certain level of physical ability, also.

Celebrate the end by getting a Valkyrie tattoo on your calf.

Katrina said...

That's awesome! I wish had your motivation. I want to kick Jillian in the butt too-- but only because she pushes me too hard haha!

Hilary said...

Good for you! Those rock-star jumps are hard. You are a true rock-star!!
I'm so proud of us, too! I'm so glad tomorrow is our last day and I can move onto something else! Good-bye (for now) Jillian!

*pat pat* I wanted to pat you on the back, too :)

Jes said...

I need your motivation! That's exciting to have 1 day left!

Amanda said...

You ROCK!!! That is awesome. I am so so proud of you!!!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

It seems like everyone has been getting their "butts" in gear lately-- ya'll have inspired me to do the same and get my rear back into the gym as well!

Confessions From A Working Mom