Monday, October 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's that time of the week again! So lay your guilt aside and read on. Then head over the Mckmama's blog to read what others feel guilty about are not claiming to have done.

As of today, I am not still doing a song and dance.

After exiting the shower this past week, I did not realize right away 20 minutes later I forgot to rinse out the shampoo in my hair..who does that?

While doing laundry, I did not find sea glass in my load upon taking my clothes out of the dryer.

I will not be homeschooling the kids I nanny one day a week. Guess I better get to learning my 2nd and 4th grade history, language, Latin etc...I went to a Christian school that used the most prestigious Bob Jones books. Of course I remember everything about our country's and world's history.

I am now not entering into a state of deep sadness over the official start of cold weather and the terrible long winter we have to come... UGH!

Yesterday I did not eat a bagel for breakfast, pasta for lunch and pizza for dinner...geez, have some carbs, will ya?!

That's is for this week. Really, I should have just stopped at the shampoo incident. That was bad enough.


Katrina said...

I've definitely never forgotten to rinse out my shampoo. I agree...who does do that?!

I'm crying a little on the inside. I just turned on the TV and it said snow tonight. Ahhhh!

Shauna and Ben said...

Ummm...are you homeschooling one day or every day..and why? Wasn't it you who adamantly protested the fact that everyone said you should teach? Wouldn't this be considered teaching? You can run...but I guess you can't hide!
And, at least you DO laundry...I just let mine pile up...and up..and up!