Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Me! Monday

phew, wasn't sure I was going to make it this week, but here I am! Did you miss me? Didn't think so.

OK, Not Me! Moday Homeward Bound Style.

Well, I did not just jump off an eight person plane. If I had, my stomach certainly wouldn't be all in a tizzy...

During my wait for the bus, I did not witness a (about) ten year old boy riding around on his suitcase yelling at the top of his lung "Get along horsey!" I was no totally tempted to take a picture of him....where were his parents? Clearly paying lots of attention to him.

I did not feel my stomach in my throat every time the plane made a little drop, and coming in on the runway I did not witness a HUGE plane make a very, very bad landing. Clash, boom, bang, sparking (and possibly people) flying (haha, no pun intended)

The bus driver didn't just ask me if I wanted to get off at South Station to get some Fast Food...the thought alone didn't send my stomach into a farther tizzy. Tizzy tazzy?

I also did not just realize that the muffin I grabbed at Starbucks, on my way to baggage claim, is a bran muffin with raisins... smart, Liz, REAL smart!

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Amanda said...

My goodness!! You are brave!!!

Hope your belly is back to normal. ;)


Katrina said...

Glad you made it safe!Tthe little boy riding the suitcase is hysterical. You definitely should have taken his picture!!

Shauna and Ben said...

I did miss you! Yes, smart thinking on the bran muffin :)