Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday~ Travel Style

So last week, just for the heck of it, I went back to read the rules of NM!M. Good thing I did because I had been breaking a rule for the last few weeks. I am doing it correctly this week and only linking to my NM!M post, not my whole blog.

Stellan's wonderful Mama, MckMama, started this fun carnival, so head on over and create your own, but please, for goodness sake, read the rules!

On my way to the airport on Thursday morning, I did not see the sunrise for the second time in five months....I am always rising and shining bright and early- every long as you consider a silent bear something that rises and shines. Ahem

On the same bus, I was not the girl who sat next to the window and placed her carry on item in the seat next to her...*warning* bear sits here. Do not ask to sit next to and chat.

Upon arriving at my final destination, the west Midwest, I did not find out, once again, that my luggage did not make it. The night before I weighed my bag and it wasn't 51.9 pounds. After a little adjusting, the final weigh-in wasn't 48.7 at check-in. A friend didn't suggest the airport might not approve of my inability to pack light, thus "losing" my luggage. (I'm here for TWO weeks, what do they want?!)

I also did not spend a significant amount of time on my first flight trying to figure out the pattern in the carpet.

I did not almost turn around and tell the man behind me to cover his mouth when coughing, and I most certainly did not find great amusement in looking through the Sky Mall magazine. I am totally not buying *this*. I may not live in the frozen tundra, but goshdarnit, NE doesn't get WAY TOO MUCH SNOW!

I'm sure I won't have more "not me's" regarding my travels next week!

Now, go write your own....please!


Arizona Mamma said...

Oh, I am the same way on the plane! Plus, I always bring too much stuff whether I am going for a weekend or a couple of weeks.

I have a question for did you do the strikethrough in the title of your going west post? I can never figure out how to do it in a title. Can you help?

Katrina said...

I should read the rules-- I always mess up and just leave me regular blog address! Oops!

Traveling is a blast. I'm always suckered into the Sky Mall mag and amazed at some of the inventions they come up with!

Good luck with the luggage situation. That happened to us on our honeymoon and they ended up delivering it a day later.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

That is why I hate flying! I have lost my luggage one too many times. Now, I always keep it with me and either gate check it or carry it on... even if it means wearing the same pair of jeans for an entire week-long trip!


Sarah said...

heh - sky mall. It all looks like a good idea while I'm on the plane . . .

MannMom3 said...

Dude. Liz. There's somthin' sweet for ya over on my blog..


Arizona Mamma said...

MckMama's post was great! Two times in a row she posted about something that I was working on. The other was sibling rivalry...which I didn't gp ahead with after hers. But this time, I thought they were different enough that I could still put mine up. Anyway, I really was just having a hard time having new ideas after reading posts of others, and wanted to post about that ;)

Arizona Mamma said...

P.S. You just fed my addiction!!! ;) Thanks. I won't be on much in the next couple of days, so have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sabrina said...

I love the idea of the car windshield cover, but where I live, someone would steal it :o(