Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday Pics

Me & My Brothah

Fam minus my sister and BIL

Not too shabby, huh? :)

Ok, I have promised a vlog to Jes.

I will not SING! NO WAY!

What do you want to know??


Jes said...

Not at all! Glad you had a wonderful Easter!

P.S. Still waiting on the Video Blog! lol

Debra said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!

~Debra at http://ourimperfectlife.blogspot.com/

Sarah said...

great shots! It was a beautiful day, huh?

Arizona Mamma said...

Not too shabby at all! Great looking family if I do say so myself.

Can't wait to see your vlog...but I do think you should sing.