Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things to accomplish

-not spill water on my keyboard again

-clean room

-write review on 800 page book

-write review on 750 page book

-write 15 pages on Autism

-write 15 pages on Racism in the US

-take clothes out of the dryer that have been in there for over 24 hours

-iron clothes sitting in dryer

-break in new hiking boots

-hike a mountain over the weekend

make dinner

-clean house

-sleep sometime

-take 4 quizzes

-take 3 exams

-participate in four eight discussions

-question why I'm in grad school




Laura said...

Ah you sound so busy! I hope things calm down soon! I thought I was busy with everything I have do do before the end of the semester and for graduation, but my list isn't as bad as yours! Hope it all gets accomplished!

Sarah said...

holy cow! That's a crazy lot of stuff! I liked it better when you had graduated and came and talked to me for hours and I forgot to make dinner.

Katrina said...

Holy Busy Batman. What would happen if you lost the list and started fresh? Haha. Kidding.