Saturday, April 3, 2010

Real or Fake pt. 2

Did you read this post? Some of you guessed via facebook, others comments, and the rest were via twitter.

Remember this picture?

I asked ya'll to tell me if the nose stud was REAL or FAKE.

Some of you guessed correctly. Others were wrong (obviously).

Well, peeps, I am here to reveal the answer to you.

It was....


Oh, I'm sorry, the above picture was a different side of my nose, than the first?

You don't say....

Well, yes, it IS true- the picture above is a FAKE stud.


the one below??


The picture at the top is from yesterday. The ones right above? From today!

Yeap! Had it done today!

Man ALIVE, I have a THICK nose!!


Jes said...

Pretty Good! Definetly Tricked Us!

Katrina said...

You have the perfect nose for a cute little stud!! So tell me... did it hurt?? My eyes are watering just thinking about something pinching my nose that hard haha.

Shauna and Ben said...

Hey! Looks good. I like the real one better than the fake one anyway. Don't tell me it's in the exact same spot... but I still like it better :)

Sarah said...

ha!! good trick!! it looks good! I thought the fake one was too high up to be real . . . I wonder what Kate will say?

Amanda said...

Oh my word. I was right. I was wrong. I was right. I was wrong. (I prefer to be right, just so you know) hehe

Either way... you have a nose piercing!!! WOW!! You are a hip chick!