Monday, April 5, 2010

Making a statement I have something I want to say....

So, I pierced my nose. Well, I didn't pierce it. Some guy at Spider Bite did it. (nice name, huh?)


I have wanted to do it for years, but never really had the courage. Plus, I don't exactly have the best history with piercings.

Anyway, I wanted to get my nose pierced. I thought about it for a while. After about 2 days of mulling it over, I decided to do it.

I thought about all the people in my life...what would they think? Would they care? Would they think less of me? Would I be disappointing people?

I HATE to disappoint people. I fear disappointing people.

I thought so much about it, I made myself sick. I knew there were going to be people who thought less of me.

Nose piercings have a stigma.

I have lived so much of my life caring about what other people think, and it's honestly so exhausting. My piercing is NOT to make a statement! I don't want it to be that at all! I did it solely based on my decision to stop caring so much about people judging me and because I wanted to do it.

Just because I have a hole and stud in my nose, does not mean I now represent the stigma that is represented with the piercing. I know my heart, and chances are, if you know me well enough, you know my heart, too.

Now, if I go out tomorrow and get my tongue done and a tattoo all the way down my arm, you might want to be concerned about me.

Basically because I have NO tolerance for pain....I'd have to go over the deep end to do anything more extreme!


Arizona Mamma said...

Good for you! I think it would be awfully petty for anyone to think less of you for doing that. But I completely know what you mean. I have the same thoughts...especially when it comes to my dad.

Jes said...

Good for you! I also struggle with trying to please people, and it is VERY exhausting. If only they realized how exhausting it was.

Katrina said...

You got it for all the right reasons! A piercing doesn't change who you are. I definitely know what you mean though. I really hate feeling like I'm disappointing people and I can analyze a situation until I feel sick.

Sarah said...

People pleasing can be exhausting. You're so right, the people who truly know you know you haven't changed what matters.

Cathy said...

I like little stud nose rings.

...and tatoos...GASP! Someday I'll get the guts up to do THAT.:)

Shauna and Ben said...

Well, I for one am extremely disappointed in you. You know what I think about piercings and tattoos. Only rebels and hooligans have them. Oh and my husband. Oops, forgot about that one. Were you still at NCA when Greg Hopwood had the student body vote as to whether or not Chris should get a nose piercing? Well, anyway that's what your post made me think of. Love you and love your nose decor!