Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Armpit Love

Never realized how useful your armpits are, did you?

I had a revelation tonight. I was transporting my computer from my desk to my bed. With my hands already full, I didn't have a free hand for my cord. So, you guessed it, I put it in the pit, the armpit, that is. Then I began to think...I do this ALL the time! Don't you?

Getting out of the car, have 52 things to bring in- throw the water bottle in the armpit.

Carrying kids and bags into church and don't know how your Bible is going to make it into church with you? Armpit. (I don't suggest putting a kid in your armpit-just to clarifying, sometimes it can't work vice versa).

Folding laundry and want to carry all the folded items at one time and have too many shirts? Armpit.

Boob is getting in the way and don't know what to do? Tuck it under.

hahaha, sorry, that was way too funny (to me) to pass up! I realize most of you probably can't get them that far over. ;)

Trying to unlock the front door but can't without dropping all the mail? Armpit.

Betcha didn't think you'd even be thankful for your armpit, did ya?

Who am I kidding...

I sweat like a pig.

If you missed part two of "meet Ben", make sure you head here to read it.


Katrina said...

I really do use my armpit all the time. Never really thought about it haha.

I'm catching up on blogs so I'll definitely be reading Part Two when I return home!

Sarah said...

That was a good laugh. I'm over here linking you to my post.

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hey, I never thought of my armpit as an extra bag to carry stuff in. And just like you pointed out I do make pretty good use of those pits when I run out of hands.

Arizona Mamma said...

You're funny! I actually feel like I probably could stretch my boob over to the armpit after nursing! Probably not really, but it certainly feels that way.

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