Tuesday, December 1, 2009

west Midwest Travels

Sibs at Thanksgiving


Me & my sister at the tree farm

....contents of my purse....

Tree & moon at farm

Dad and his girls :)

Me & my brother

Sunset at tree farm


Katrina said...

Beautiful pictures!! You all look so happy. :)

That's about what the inside of my purse looks like! I find things from a few years ago. It's like a hidden treasure haha.

Laura said...

Just found your blog, the contents of your purse made me laugh out loud! Mine looks just like that too, and it's always so heavy!!

MannMom3 said...

Lovin the new header pic and all the other pics..fun to see pics of your fam.

Shauna and Ben said...

How freaking big is your purse???? Was the fruit bowl in there too? Love the family pics...everyone looks great!!

Arizona Mamma said...

Maybe you always look that way, but you look so happy. Great pictures!

Amanda said...

Great pictures!! You have a cute family!