Saturday, December 5, 2009

On A Diet?

On a diet and finding your mouth watering over the mere thought of consuming something sweet? Well, picture yourself sitting by the nice open fire, sipping away at a hot coco and roasting a marshmallow. Can you picture it? Well, friends, I am here with the solution for you!

Peppermint Coco and marshmallow withOUT a single calorie!

I present to you....

The Winter Escape from Sephora

I won this over on Keely's blog, and I received it in the mail this week. Seriously, people, this is AS GOOD as the real deal, but better because there are no calories!

Even the cat is intrigued!

Thanks for the great giveaway, Keel!!


MannMom3 said...

That has to be the best post evah!! You are TOO cute and you called me Keel..Love it!!

Glad you like it!!

Katrina said...

You tricked me. I thought it was something you could actually drink. Then you confused me because you said it was from Sephora. My head is spinning!! :)

I bet it smells great though!

Arizona Mamma said...

If only that were an easy alternative to all sweets!

Shannon...but don't tell ;)