Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Feeling wasteful because you always grab a new water bottle on your way out the door and never finish the water, only to dump it down the drain? Embarrassed to admit you spend more time thinking about cleaning than actually cleaning? Well, don't be! Not Me! Monday, created by MckMama, was designed to get it all out, but of course, we never do any of these things anyway, right?

This week it was not me who went way overboard while frosting Christmas cookies. I certainly didn't get more in my mouth than on the cookies themselves.

Since I am very lactose intolerant, this week I didn't forget to take a lactaid pill and have 1/2 cup of milk with my cereal. I did not find out the VERY painful repercussions of ingesting dairy without drugs. But MAN ALIVE, new realms of pain!

We had a snow storm this week- totally normal for New Hampshire. On my way in the house the night after the storm the whole sky light up. My response? Well, I will tell you one thing, it was not "why don't I hear the trumpets? Alright, Lord! Let's go, I'm ready"...yeah, it was just the middle of winter??

Head over to MckMama's and check out other blogs. I'll be back again next week for Not Me!...

unless of course I DO hear the trumpets this week.


Arizona Mamma said...

Living where I do, I totally love the snow. I think it's great when I visit my mom and it snows. I would probably feel differently if I lived in it all the time.

Sarah said...

I saw that lightning, too! We were in the car. Sam wanted to know what it was - we were headed for his Upward eval and he asked what we could have done if it happened during basketball . . . I think he thought he'd be playing outside in that freezign rain.

I was like, lightning or nuclear bomb, but we'd be hit by fallout by now. YOU have got your thoughts in the right place!

And (I'll stop rambling after this) - I typically think of the Christmas cookie merely as a vehicle to get the frosting in my mouth.

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Gosh, I LOVE cookies... and frosting!!! Your post is making me hungry (other than that stomach pain part, naturally)!


Mindi said...

Oh dear, Thank goodness for medicatioN & frosting! :)


MomOf3InVA said...

I love icing!

And I wish I had snow...hope you don't forget your lact-aid again. :)

The Skinny on Getting Thinny said...

glad you found my blog and thanks for your prayers!
I am reading about your brother! I am a speech pathology assistant in California, you would never know by looking at your brother that his life is so hard! He is the pioneer generation when PDD and Autism became more and more known.
Praying for you guys!

PS. Love your not me monday...i must admit I just ate a spoonful of frosting:) MMM SO GOOD!